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No More Dieting!!

Please don't diet one more day. It's not going to work and you are harming your body!

Questions I am asked by clients all the time:

  1. Do I have to weigh/measure my food?

  2. Unfortunately we live in such a fucked up world of nutrition that the answer for most is yes- until we can reprogram your brain and body. Will you have to forever? No!!

  3. Can I ever eat out again?

  4. ​Of course! As often as you would like. My husband and I love date night once a week and often eat out more than that.

  5. Can I ever eat cookies/ cake/ ice cream again?

  6. Yes!!! I do every.single.day and you can to!

  7. Does my food have to be plain and bland?

  8. Good lord no! Plain food sucks!

  9. Can I eat bread?

  10. Yes- everyday if you want!

Eating well and fueling your body doesn't have to be painful, boring, sucky, restrictive, etc. The diet industry will lead you to believe that you have to suffer to lose fat- that is largely untrue. I am SO TIRED of women restricting their food to become the smallest, most unhealthy versions of themselves. There is so much more to life! You can lose fat, gain or maintain muscle, and reach your body composition goals without starving! Starving is the enemy and can do irreparable harm!

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