Do you need a little help with your diet?

January 20, 2019

Although eating well really is simple, I understand it can be overwhelming, emotional, and just plain hard. It is boring, slow, and often just sucks. However, changing your life and your health is possible. You can do it with minimal pain and I can help. I promise. 


I recently have opened space for new nutrition clients. My approach involves the whole body and is for anyone. I will help you develop a new relationship with food. A good, healthy, sustainable relationship. You already have everything you need- but you may just need a little guidance. I can help. 


My rates are as follows:

1- Initial consultation- $150, includes in-depth assessment 

2- Customized 3 month diet template with 1x per week check in to assess progress- $300

3- Hourly rate- $150



All sessions can be administered remotely. 


Please email me at for more information and get on the path to a new and healthy you!!

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