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Age is earned, so be damn proud.

If you know me personally, you know I am always calling myself "old" or "grandma". I am fully aware of my age and I am damn proud of every single year. I earned them all.

Although I loved every moment of my youth- my twenties were truly lived like a rockstar (that's for another blog)- I wouldn't go back for ANYTHING!

Every year I learn something new. Not only about myself, but about life in general. I have a voracious appetite to learn. The more I learn the more I want to know, and the more I realize just how little I do know.

As you age, your perspective weathers with your body. You realize the important things in life and your outlook is transformed- year by year.

Every line on my face, every new freckle that appears, every gray hair (that is nicely concealed for now), I earned. These marks tell a story of me, my life and all that I have experienced. I am proud that I have 42 years of living under my belt- here's to 42 more!



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