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The system wants you to fail.

This is the display at the checkout line in Lowes. I love how nutritionally deficient (no nutritional value- only energy value), energy dense (WWWAAAAAYYYY too many calories without nutrients) food is ALWAYS located next to the checkout line. This is a hardware store. You are not running in to pick up a candy bar, but you most certainly may buy one on your way out. This is not how eating works- you don't get hungry by seeing food- you seek food when you are hungry.

Again, if you want a candy bar, by all means enjoy one OCCASIONALLY (or better yet, make it at home), but don't damn eat it just because the food industry wants to make money on your weaknesses.

I also love how the snickers bars have clever sayings on them... mostly targeted to millennials (the most obese generation in recorded history, clearly it is working).

The rest of the packaging is obviously targeted at children (bright colors, fun shapes and characters).

Bad food is big business. This is most evident in fruit snacks. Bananas and apples are already perfectly packaged and are extremely affordable. If that is the case, then why on earth would a sensible person pay double, and sometimes triple the price, for a fruit snack rather than the fruit itself??

Because of food advertising. There is a very limited profit margin in fruits and vegetables. However if you take the fruit, divide it into a zillion pieces, add some flavoring and sugar, some bright colors and witty sayings- viola!!! You have a captive audience and a HHHUUUUGGEEE profit margin.

And as a mom of 4, I can understand that giving your kids a candy bar at the checkout line (that they are screaming for because of the awesome colors and graphics and because they saw it on TV) to get them to shut up is suuuuppppper easy, and sometimes damn necessary!

So what do you do???

1- Ignorance is bliss, so now that you know, you can prepare.

2- Never travel without food. NEVER. You don't want to get caught with your pants down in a food emergency. Take food with you everywhere- for you and your family.

3- Turn your new found knowledge in to a game. How many examples of advertising or placement of unhealthy foods can you find? In how many random places. In the land of plenty you cannot go ANYWHERE without seeing food.

Make choices for yourself and your family based on what YOU want, not what society tells you that you want. Gain control of your life and your health.

Now you know. Start today.



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