Consistency, the holy grail of success

July 16, 2018

In life really. Consistency is such a non-sexy topic with long term results... how booooorrrrriiinnnngggg. We live in the world of RIGHT NOW. Everything we want and need can be obtained in an instant. Oh, how we are spoiled and delusional. 


Your body and evolution did not get the instantaneous memo. Sorry Charlie, you will have to adapt to their terms.


Wait, what??? I see this in so many aspects of life. Ultimately we live in a bubble. So few people actually understand how the body works and how to get what you want from your body. If you don't understand these things and you are not willing to work for it, you will be unsuccessful 100% of the time. Guaranteed. 


So let's review a moment. Your body evolved over MILLIONS of years (in early forms) and several hundred thousand years in the current human form. So expecting change in an instant is ridiculous- right? Believe it or not, our bodies evolved to survive and further the species. That's it. Not to have big butts and small waists. The more you use your body for a specific task the more it adapts to become more efficient at that task. 


Ladies, let's take you for example. I have had MANY clients try to exercise themselves skinny. Using what we know, can you now see how this is always unsuccessful? If you continuously burn more calories than you consume through exercise without building and replenishing muscle and broken down tissues, your body will become really good at storing energy (that's just code for storing fat). It will start to down-grade non essentials (muscle) and save up for the next session (fat). I'm going to wager this is not what you had in mind???


So how do you deal with this??? 


CONSISTENCY! Eating a consistently clean diet based on whole foods MOST of the time (the definition of consistency) that includes enough calories and all of the macronutrients to support your activities (which should be varied and include cardiovascular and strength components).


Again, the more muscle you have, the more calories you need to eat to fuel that muscle. If you do this over time (years) you will start to cultivate the body you want. 


Changing your body composition is a journey that takes time, effort, and consistency. It is not a one and done program. Sorry- if you are looking for a quick fix for health and body composition, I 100% guarantee you that it does not exist. Unfortunately the diet industry is a multibillion dollar industry, so this is not information they want you to know.


It really is simple (not easy, but simple). 


How about instead of looking for a quick fix, start to appreciate how your body has adapted to deal with the life you are currently living. If you want a different body composition, then you will need to change your life. Time passes anyway, why not start today?



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