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Let's take a food break... and talk a minute about why I exercise

I really dislike the word exercise... Webster defines exercise as activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. Ugh, how boring and it sounds like work. Although I do like the fact that exercise makes me healthier overall, that is not the reason I do it.

Remember the everyone hates exercise post?

Anytime anything is touted as "healthy" it immediately takes the fun away- even for me. So why do I exercise? Many reasons, but mostly because it makes me feel amazing!

I have always been small. I realize this may seem like such a "hard problem" to have, but I certainly don't feel small. I am short (5'4") and light (120#) with a REALLY big personality. CrossFit makes me feel strong- it makes me feel like I can do anything. I like to see exactly what my body can do. In the gym everyday I earn my self respect and it feels amazing. It is the physical version of getting my Ph.D. I like to see what I am capable of and where my limits are- it makes me real stinkin' proud of myself.

The byproduct of this self-esteem project is abs and arm muscles, and the ability to run, and jump, and play hard. The ability to eat LOTS of food and inspire my children. It makes me feel alive.

So, the next time you dread "exercise", perhaps reframe your view of physical activity and see if you can inspire and impress yourself!



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