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Healthy doesn't equal "never enjoy life again and eat lettuce all day".

Some days my motivation runs short. Today is one of those days. I'm always surprised when I suggest that you take care of your health that some hear "never enjoy life again". Good lord, do you honestly think I don't enjoy life???? Do you think every meal I eat sucks and I never have treats. I eat chocolate EVERYDAY! Let's go back a few posts ago when I suggested that you eat whole foods MOST of the time. Not ALL of the time. My rule for the kiddos is if you really want a treat, the best way is to make it yourself. There is something about putting your effort and love into food. It makes it taste so much better. You also have control over what goes in your food. I am amazed every-time I make a dessert at just HOW MUCH SUGAR is in it. Sometimes I cut the sugar thinking my family won't notice. They always do and then I"m banned from making desserts. This is something i'm working on...

Anyway- the original (and still the best) chocolate chip cookie recipe. Full sugar and all.



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