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Everyone hates exercising.

Seriously. It sucks and it's hard. Every time. During the actual act of exercising I am miserable and wonder why in hell I do this on a daily basis. I hate crossfit less than other types of exercising, but during it I hate it immensely and I can't wait until it's over. But, when the workout of the day (WOD) is over, I feel like an olympic athlete that just won gold.

Let's rewind to my life before crossfit, and exercising really, to give you some perspective. I think there is a general belief that I was born with abs, have worked out my entire life, and I train hours and hours everyday. Nope. Not even close.

I played sports all of my young life and ended up a decent basketball player (no jokes here, I realize I am short). My dad was my driving force for basketball (it was his dream) and when he died suddenly when I was 15 my entire life came to a halt. I'll tell you this story another day.

After he died I abruptly stopped any sports and took up smoking as a full time job (there was a bit of drinking and partying too). This inactivity would span more than a decade. I finally decided to give up smoking when I was 28... 13 years later...

Quitting smoking was one of the harder things I have ever done, and I started running to help me quit. The first day I ran about 400 meters and thought I was going to die. However, I persisted... that turned into running a marathon five years later (something I will NEVER do again).

My introduction to crossfit came when Stele was 15 months old- due to time constraints. Being a mom and going to school, and working, I needed a more efficient way to workout. At this point I did it for my mental health. It was time in everyday I had to myself. This became invaluable to me, however running miles and miles took too much time. The gym I joined had childcare and took 1 hour. Perfect. I was hooked.

Running isn't for everyone, neither is CrossFit. Perhaps for you it's yoga, or biking, or boxing, or walking :) The point is, find whatever you hate least and persist for 30 days. You owe yourself one hour everyday. Start today.



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