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The Butterfly Effect.

Nothing good in life comes easy (or quickly for that matter). I have had numerous clients over the years come to me wanting to "get in shape by _____________ "(insert specific date here). My answer is always, "not possible". This is never what they want to hear, but it is the truth.

Health is a lifelong quest. It doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't come easily. Your "beach body" is representative of what you have done up to this point. If that consists of sitting on the couch and eating ho ho's for 20 years then six weeks won't work. There is no end date to a healthy diet and exercise program. It is for life. Again, not what you want to hear.

So where is the good news?

Remember that paper I was talking about yesterday? It was about Chaos Theory in organizations. Boring right? Well turns out it is interesting and useful after. The Butterfly Effect is a term used to describe extreme sensitivity to small changes. Meaning that one small change you make today could DRAMATICALLY alter the trajectory of your health. Wait, what?? Yes, one thing you change today could substantially change your life.

Start today. Right now.

How? Replace soda with water. Eat more vegetables at every meal. Walk 10 minutes everyday. Eat out less.

Anything, but start today. You never know where it may lead.



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