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Why isn't your health a priority?

This is something that I think about often, and may end up writing for my dissertation. Why, exactly, do perfectly intelligent people forsake their health for a myriad of other seemingly less important reasons?

Let that sink in...

When I have a new group of students I can immediately see they are less than thrilled to be in a health class. Soooo booorrrring and not relevant to their life. Wait, what??? Why is it that we put our health WAYYYYYY down on our priority list. That is, until it's too late.

How many of you actually know what you "should" eat to be healthy? How many of you know what the macronutrients are? How many of you know how much exercise is necessary to stay healthy? There is sooooo much information, how do you discern? When was the last them you asked your physician these questions? Did they know the answers?

We have a health care and food system that is set up in opposition to what is actually healthy. How did that happen? Our healthcare system should be called "sickcare" because that is the only time it is utilized. When was the last time you went to the doctor to discuss ways to improve your health? My bet is never. The doctors have their hands tied as well. How can you NOT treat someone with type 2 diabetes with a drug that will lower their blood sugar and potentially save their life when what they really need is a lifestyle modification? Doctors must "do no harm" and not offering an immediate solution may do just that.

So what's the answer. Unfortunately, hard work by you. Making yourself, your family, and your health a priority. Tomorrow we will talk about how. For now, how about deciding to put yourself first.



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