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Easy Breakfast for 1 or 10

Before I lecture on priorities, let's get back to food. In terms of body composition food is equally as important if not more so than exercise. I eat the (mostly) same breakfast everyday. I realize that may be boring for some of you, however most people who tell me that also eat the same thing every day- just something not good for you. Or worse, nothing at all! I belonged to the eat nothing camp for MANY years. I was convinced that skipping a meal (and thus not eating the calories) would keep me thin. Interestingly enough your body doesn't work that way. If it thinks you are starving (i.e., you haven't eaten for a while) it will start conserving energy for hard times ahead. Remember, evolution has not caught up with the standard American Diet (SAD). When you don't eat your body starts preparing. This means it focuses on storing fat and slowing down your body's non essential processes, including consuming muscle tissue that is not in use. This you do not want, so please eat breakfast!

Here is a simple, generally pleases everyone, breakfast that can feed 1 or many!

eggs (or egg whites)

spinach/ peppers and onions/ broccoli (whatever is leftover)

pico de gallo/ salsa

ground beef/ sausage/ bacon/ leftover chicken... you get the idea

salt and pepper

smoked paprika (this is my secret ingredient)

Olive oil

Throw it all in a pan and scramble. Takes about 2 minutes and is delicious. Garnish with Salsa, fresh tomatoes, and avocado. Serve with toast or breakfast potatoes and Viola!

Notice all of the ingredients in this are whole foods. Also notice all macronutrients are accounted for- protein, carbohydrates and fats. A complete, balanced, good for you meal!



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