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The illusion of perfection.

Let's take a break from food for a moment.. only so much you can think about broccoli.

Ya'll... my life REALLY is so messy. I am that girl who is always one hair away from perfection (in my mind, of course). This is something I have chased for eons- that one damn hair. And just when that one hair gets in place... bam- another hair out of place. WTH?? How can it be when I was soooo clooooseeeee???What I have learned in my advanced age is this---- one hair WILL ALWAYS BE OUT OF PLACE. Wait, what? Yep, because perfection is an illusion. Have you ever taken a photo of yourself and thought it was terrible, only to see it days or weeks later and thought- damn, that's a good pic after all? Our reality is just that- our reality- and it only belongs to you. What you hate, someone may love. What you love, someone else may hate. So what?? Live for you. Embrace those juxtapositions of imperfections- that's what makes you you. Chew on that and I'm going to fix this one hair...



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