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Eating Well is Simple. Really!

I'm sure I will piss off the masses (as if there are masses, ha!) with this one, but let's talk a moment about nutrition. I do not know HOW many times I have heard that eating well is __________________________ (insert excuse here... hard, expensive, takes too much time, sucks...) The truth is that eating well is simple. There is no magic formula, no special diet, no vodoo involved. Eat foods that are whole MOST of the time, and have treats on occasion. Period. Consistency is the name of the game. Eating whole foods MOST of the time = Success. I realize I missed an opportunity to try to sell you an extra secret ab making program that will give you results in 6 weeks- but the truth is 6 weeks is not enough

time. Your goal should be to craft a way of eating that works for you for life!! Yes, for life. More on how to do that next time.



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